Subject line says it all, but let’s face it, too many people want advice for nothing. So I’m sharing why that’s not a good idea at the best of times.

Yes everyone loves free especially when promises of success and financial gain are at the end of the reach.

It was Scott Fitzgerald who observed, “The rich are different from us.”

It was Ernest Hemingway who shot back, “Yes. They have more money!”

How do they get more money? They ask for it!  Simple as that. And even authors ask for money in exchange for their books. I certainly hope you do! The rich write! And they dare to leap to manifest their dreams!

You’re an author. And if writing, publishing and selling a book, as the bestseller isn’t all that the rich have more than others. To be honest, few, oh so few have reached that pinnacle. Forbe’s magazine recently listed the 2208 Billionaires in the world today in 2018 in the article, “Meet the members of the Three Comma Club.”  The top represented a majority of men, several women, from real estate, mining, technology, oil, investments, drugs, retail, banking, cosmetics to publishing.

At #321, Friede Springer of Germany was in publishing, Elisabeth Mohn, #372 publishing, Oprah # 887 TV shows, and no authors in the billionaire club.  https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/#65ae5a9c251c

No authors.

But that’s doesn’t mean authors are not successful.  Far from it. You know J K Rowling, and Steven King, and Hemingway, Dr. Seuss, and my favourite, Margaret Atwood. Maybe not in the billionaire club, but lucrative all the same.

The disadvantages of being a best seller are many:

  • Total strangers will call you up to speak to their groups.
  • You’ll be expected to tip at restaurants.
  • You’ll have to dress better.
  • All manner of people will want to be introduced to you.
  • You feel obliged to go out of your way and do book signings wherever you’re discovered.
  • You’ll have to pay more taxes on your earnings.

What are the advantages?

  • You’ll have prestige.

So now, why do you want advice how to promote your book and even become a best seller? Do you really want to given the extensive list of disadvantages above? You do?

Great! Then the first step is to start thinking like the prominent, prestigious author you deserve to be.

And having these traits means you are sophisticated and feel right at home asking for some advice from an author who not only reached best-seller status once but three times!

Forty-five minutes isn’t a long time, but it is sufficient to learn a few strategies to get you to the top:

—You’ll discover the seven steps of promoting your work on social media (without spending a dime)

—You’ll practice selling yourself online and in the marketplace by approaching local bookstores to showcase your book – promising a book signing with pizzazz!

—And more important, you’ll discover if you’re up to the task of sharing your work for one day that could and will get you to best-seller status within hours!

I only share this information with an exceptional kind of individual. The assumptions I’ve made about you are these:

—If you’re not already a bestseller booked solidly for speaking engagements, you’re already hitting the buy consultation button here: https://auntisays.com/product/coaching-call-2/

—Your final proofreading, covers, and book descriptions are being handled capably by professional designers, copywriters and editing professionals to showcase your very best work.

—You enjoy being a part of the best seller group of authors more than you ever imagined

—And . . . being human, you can’t help wondering at times if it were easier and quicker and cheaper than you’ve experienced so far.

I’m here to help you cover these items, briefly, succinctly and efficiently so you can move forward getting your work out in the open, make a name for yourself.

Helping you get better, is precisely where I come in.

And I’m not giving it away – it’s time spent, well spent, and so reasonable, you will wonder why you didn’t get professional help in the first place!

For example:

  • When you walk into a room of professionals at your local Chamber of Commerce, they know who you are and want a piece of you.
  • What opportunities lie waiting in regional and national markets for you?
  • How can you get your work be it Kindle form or a real book to hit the best-seller status in less than one day?
  • What’s ahead in social media marketing, first without spending a dime, to spending $10 to hit thousands.

Look, this is as exciting as it gets!  To become a published author is one thing.  To become a best-selling author is quite another feather in your cap!

What’s on your bucket list?

But, it’s not for me to dump years of experience in a line or paragraph on the open app feed.  It’s a private conversation between you and me.

I have openings for 45-minute sessions Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. That’s it.

Let’s pick a date as soon as you decide you could use an intuitive, energetic push, and a list of actions that feel inspired to get you on the board of best sellers!

I have only so many hours, and my work is much more than consultations.

But I make time for people like you to get the professional advice that could move the mountain for you in as little as 45 minutes.

Why not be rich with glory, prestige, and the next step just as soon as you can? Or at least have one or two of disadvantages of being a best seller. It can’t hurt.

Click this link, and I’ll see it.  Then we set up a time and let’s find out how close or far you are from your dream of becoming a published, best-selling author.


Be blessed and rich,

Patricia Ogilvie


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