Great Promo! Fuel Your Meatings? Seriously?  MEETINGS maybe? It happens, folks!

For B2B Small Businesses, Web Page Writers, Marketing Creators—don’t let a spelling error make you look careless.

 B2B Content Proofing

“Set the tone for your marketing efforts.”                        

“I work with small businesses, event planners, and human resource personnel who want their stationery to look impeccable and professional.”


  • Guests, especially other prominent business owners, politicians and assorted city representatives are your most valuable support system to your fundraising efforts
  • But sometimes they need extra help: like sharing easy to follow information with your guests
  • Reduce the stress of finding time and space to proofread yourself
  • Avoid charges for additional design revisions or reprints after you find that missing letter, misspelled word, or even your name wrong.

With so many elements of your special occasion in addition to regular business meetings to oversee, it can be easy to glance over your stationery or event invitations. But it’s important to take care with the information you share with clients and decision makers. Mistyped details can distract from your professional story and can create unnecessary confusion and stress.

There’s no need to get caught up in extra detail when you should be enjoying creating your celebrations. Leave it to me. I’ll double check all your content and enhance your beautifully crafted invitations so that you capture your guests’ attention (and wallets) with the event celebrations.



“I sent out our annual event’s postcards and noticed after I mailed them, in the spot, “RSVP by (date) … it was blank! Felt foolish. Luckily people connected and let me know but I didn’t have a clue how many would come until the last minute! Wish I had a proofreader!” -OL

Here at AuntiSays, we spot the irregularity on your:

  • fundraiser invites and stationery
  • toasts and speeches
  • birthday, party and event invitations
  • special announcements like press releases
  • and business content of course… white papers, case studies, web page content, blog posts, articles… plus you get SEO strategies as part of the package.


  • Is it RSP?  RRSP?  RSVP?
  • Deliver content that speaks volumes of your attention to detail.
  • You get accuracy, quality and clarity for your clients.
  • They say, right is quiet, wrong is LOUD! Don’t make a scene with errors.
  • Should you do it yourself? Of course, initially. However, your mistakes never leap out at you as they would to others.
  • When you are too connected emotionally to your message, you see what your brain wants and not what your eyes can’t.
  • AuntiSays is the most reputable editor/proofreader in town!

Imagine your stationery going out without a hitch. Way less to worry about on top of all the other planning details that need your attention.

If you would like to get that extra pair of eyes to clean up your content, then contact me today. But wait, just in case you need to know a little more about editing types, check this page first, then let’s talk:

It’s a quick, easy, and seamless process. I look forward to helping you!


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