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What DO You Think Leads to Success and Authority?

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Success is all about making choices, good choices. So what should you think about that leads to more respect and authority?

SELF Appreciation and Approval




Listen, I understand first-hand that trying to get someone else’s approval is like pushing a strand of spaghetti uphill. Can’t be done, even if it’s uncooked! So how can your approval rating get higher? Make damn sure what you put out there in the form of product and service is clean, clear and—you guessed it—error-free.

I also understand it’s our innate desire to be accepted, approved of, and even admired. That’s how you get more attention and of course, if you’re selling, more money.

  • What obvious ways can your products and services get noticed?
  • How can you provide for that need or cater to your customer?


One way, and that’s with quality products and services.

And that’s why I strongly recommend Online Bookkeeping to guarantee your bottom line is visible and workable.

You never know when the influencers in your life show up. So why not be ready instead of shrugging off the metaphor to get cleaned up? You know, clean up your books?


Are you ready to break free from having to post transactions and create financial reports that don’t make sense?

Or how about never again hiring an expensive accountant at the end of the year to compile your shoebox of financial data?

Right? In which case I have created a little something that I’m pretty sure you will love (scratch that, I am absolutely sure you will love this idea)!

  • Prorisk Bookkeeping Services is THE ONLY system that allows you to feel more confident and less stressed your business is on track with your goals.
  • Erases years off your wrinkled brow in moments.
  • And that gives a professional different perspective how well or (not so well) your business is doing!

Your bookkeeper can put the financials in order and run reports showing how you are doing each month, where the funds are going, and how your efforts are paying off (or might need improving upon). Patricia, with Prorisk Bookkeeping Services, will give you that “big picture” review after the numbers are crunched.

And all of that, in as little as several hours a week, keeps your company books organized and you receive the cash flow information on a consistent basis to make real decisions for the direction of your company—especially if you’ve tried so hard posting recurring or A/R transactions.

I’m sure you’ve been told that if something sounds too good to be true it usually is, but in this case NO that is not true— and you can go and check I am not a liar, liar, pants on fire right here ==>>  ask me and my clients: Hit Contact Me and let’s find your perfect package.

But hey, I also offer proofreading and editing for your content be they financial, web pages, white papers or your letters to your clients.

Now—I think you understand fully what having your financial situation totally booked and ready for tax season. So I won’t bore you with more about bookkeepping. Instead, let’s talk a little more about proofreading and why your fiancial statements should reflect your professionalism.

First, Proofreading is NOT editing. 

Let’s talk detailed turkey! Proofreading is the final pair of eyes before setting the content out into the world for your public’s eyes!  And if they see a grammatical, spelling, CAPitalization error, verb/subject faux pas, in that split second, they decide if you are what you say you are, or a phony. Guess what? A large percentage of people take content messiness as a sign you suck!

We know that’s not true that you suck, but your reader gets that first impression from your content.

— Guys, it’s like walking into your first meeting, and your fly is down.

— Gals, it’s like showing up with a hole in your dark stockings.

— It’s like introducing yourself to precisely who needs to speak with you, and you have a coffee stain on your shirt!

Right now, you have an important decision to make. Decide to start winning more success and gain greater public authority. Show your customer you command respect.

You can make this one choice: add my proofreading package to your written efforts. Or you can choose to do nothing and remain wondering why people turn away.

Seriously. It sounds like an easy decision, but either way, you are making a choice.

Give proofreading a chance – your reputation depends on it.

Here’s something many people don’t realize. Proofreading is different from editing. There are a few different versions of how to proof and edit a document. To find out how much you need from a proofreader or editor of your content, check out more information on my “What I Do” page. You’ll be glad you did!  You’ll find more information and a little idea of rates. “What I Do” right here.

Let’s get those flies up, hose looking new, and stains are gone from your content! Oh and here’s a little look-see how adjustments in content could look: B&A What is lean manufacturing – the before and after sample snippet.

Here are two more short examples of how proofing a document could save your reputation:

Or how about this example?

I’m glad you’re here to find out how easy it can be to have a second pair of eyes and clear up any issues that could hamper your success.

Shall we talk? Please send me an email and let’s work together. Contact me here.

Patricia Ogilvie, Your Bookkeeping Ally!

P.S.  Or you know you have a 40-page little project you need proofing – click here and let’s get it done!  PROOF MY STUFF!

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Patricia is passionate about her copy, ghostwriting and anything in-between—she’s the one. She has an extensive marketing and sales background which gives her the edge over the best copywriters. She’s the best! Patricia is easy to work with. I’ve worked with her several times over the years and always produces fantastic work that you are proud of using.

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