Have you thought this? It’s Your Fault if You Aren’t Getting Things Done – And On Time?


How many of you working women feel like a puppy dog always searching for a street full of fire hydrants?


So much to do, and the focus gets scattered all over the place with overwhelm of everything that needs to be done!


And you want to reach out and grab more customers, more projects, more, more, more!


Here’s what I would train that puppy to do. Pick one and do your business.


Are you ready to do your business on one hydrant at a time?


Would you like to feel more comfortable tacking the mountain and reducing it to a manageable pile? Of course you would.



Productivity – why do working women want to conquer is this dreaded 12 letter word, and why doesn’t the rest of the world give a shit what’s on your plate?



Feels like it, doesn’t it? Nobody understands how much is at stake.


But listen, I know because I’ve been in that situation myself plenty of times.


Over the years, I’ve become streamlined and efficient.


My own productivity skyrocketed.


I remember when I nailed the process, I produced an 80 page ebook product, two supplemental ebooks to grease the sale, and a 13 page sales letter to promote the entire package in 30 days!


The client was stunned and I literally got in trouble with the other writers because they couldn’t produce what I could.


I had mixed feelings, but I soon got over it because I moved on to the next and the next… my productivity was intact and besides, with productivity on my side, I always found time to enjoy my life.


So I took a look at what made the difference for me.


Here are my four proven time and mind managers that increased productivity.


First let me ask you, are you managing your time effectively? As online entrepreneurs we’re bad about falling in the trap of counting every hour at the computer as “work time”.


Be honest with yourself here for a minute. How much of that time is spent browsing through Facebook, checking the latest Reddit posts, sifting through Pinterest pics or going down the rabbit hole of “research”?


We’re all guilty of it but to be more profitable and productive we have to manage our time effectively. While the ideas below will take some getting used to, the end result will be to spend less time at your desk and more time away from your computer doing the things you love to do.


  1. Complete Tasks According to Theme


One of the best pieces of advise I ever received about gaining momentum and increasing productivity was to section out the tasks according to themes.


This means, if you are doing research, bock out a time (or day if necessary) and that’s all you do.


If you’re writing, just do that. Distractions of other types confuse and water down your efforts.


Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time.


And your list to do and life in general could be like a jigsaw puzzle.


If you don’t have the picture on the front of the box to know what it’s supposed to look like, you can’t fit any pieces anywhere.


Sometimes, you’re not even sure if you’ve got all the pieces.


Don’t torture yourself.


If you’re editing, chuck time to just edit.


If you’re playing, put away the laptop, phone, and go play!


If you’re anal about completing, set that egg timer ever for a walk.


  1. Make A Plan And Break It Down


Start by figuring out what you want to get accomplished. What’s your next big project and what ongoing tasks need to be taken care of on a daily or weekly basis?


If you’re working on a new coaching program, that might involve outlining what you want to teach, writing the training course, editing and formatting, creating worksheets and slides and figuring out how you’ll sell and deliver the program.


In addition you may have daily or weekly tasks like blogging, emailing your subscribers, interacting on social media sites and forums etc.


Figure out what you need to get done over the coming weeks and write it down. Knowing what you should be working on to be more profitable is half the battle.


  1. Write Out Daily and Weekly To-Do Lists


Next it’s time to write out your to-do lists. Start with everything you’ve written down in the last step and break it down into daily or weekly tasks. Use whatever method works best for you.


Use a weekly list if you prefer working on larger tasks or projects all day long, or try daily lists and break larger projects up into manageable chunks that you can accomplish in just a few hours or less.


You can jot down your to-do list on a piece of paper and cross things off your list as you get them done. Or use an app for your smartphone. Remember The Milk is a simple and easy to use list app that allows you to create tasks, assign dates, priorities and even make the tasks recurring (great for reminders to write those blog posts).


Then categorize that list into themes. See point 1 above.


  1. Set A Time And Get To Work


The tasks on your to-do list will take as long as you allow them to take. To stay productive use a timer and get them done. Pick an item on your list, estimate how long it should ideally take you to get it done and then set that timer.


Remind yourself that if you work hard and fast, you can be done for the day and go play. Train yourself to work faster over time, but don’t forget to take breaks. 25 minutes of intense work followed by a 5 minute break seems to work well.


Continue to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. Do more of what is profitable and fun and try to get it done in the shortest amount of time possible – without sacrificing quality of course.


The other thing is, when you are clear about who you are, what you love, and what you want to offer, you can create magic.


Find out your purpose in this mind churning workbook.


Here’s that link. https://auntisays.com/what-is-your-purpose/

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