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Messages from Your Source

Yesterday, after listening to a feng shui video reminding me to clear clutter, I reorganized my office space. Oh yeah, a ton of unnecessary paper gone! A bag full of unnecessary clutter, gone! I then realized what I wanted—I wanted money to flow in and compensate my...

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Who’s This Crazy Editor?

Who's this? Just an intro for those of you who are like “WHO the heck is this crazy person on my feed?” I am Grandma of 2, aunti of many more from a small town in Northern Alberta. I look like I know what I’m doing – and guess what? I do know how to be a proficient...

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Pigs Almost Ate My Brother

The one cause I want to support for the rest of my life is helping you in writing a book—your memoir or nonfiction—shorty or meaty—doesn’t matter, just write it, as it’s the best feeling in the world! Why? Years ago I gave a little workshop to my country church...

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When good things happen

We never know how far reaching something we say or do today will affect the lives of others tomorrow. You'll never regret being treated kindly, especially in times when you need it most. Being on the receiving end of a kind act is also proven to make YOU more...

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