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Gratitude is Life’s Staple Ingredient

My biggest blessing in life, something I give thanks for every day is I'm finally more at peace with my age, face, body and loving myself. Taking the stance (attitude) of acceptance has me feeling good: I am a better human being because of this I wake up grateful I go...

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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

The Results Are In Whether you work long and hard at producing blog posts and content for your business or not, whether your work is quality rampages or not, the words have been typed (or hand-written), and the results are in. Whether that fills you with a feeling of...

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Coaching at her Best

I love this lady - this woman - a wonderful, caring person!Of course, it helps that I'm featured as a testimonial on her brand spanking new website https://pivothacks.com/    front page!The truth is, before I spoke with Heather Lloyd-Martin, I was frustrated with just...

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When paths diverge

  This is the moment of truth with three paths diverging in front of you...   ONE: You can decide to do nothing, and keep spending money on machine-generated paperbacks, mass-produced messy graphics, hoping they will help you crack the code of relaxation,...

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