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“Welcome! I hope you’re having a great day today so far. Not so much? Feeling a tad overwhelmed getting your message out to the right people? Your desk is out of control? Sounds like you could use some help.”

You Could Use a Helping Hand With Your Book (or E-book) Publishing Process,

Or You Need Blog Content Ghost Written,

How About Proofread and Editing Your Pages, Online and Off—Done for You—Especially if You Think Your Sentences Ramble?

Right? Then I’m Your Private VA!

Hello, I’m Patricia Ogilvie (AuntiSays)

  Your Specialized VA, Proofreader, Writer, Content Organizer and Best Friend.

As an author of 14 books myself, a 4-volume series of inspirational books for adults, the International bestseller How to Be the Boss of Your Own Money, and its accompanying online course, I know how challenging content correctness can be to generate. My job is to help you send out quality, reputable content. I can be your best virtual friend!

What’s more, if you have a special project that needs completion, or need someone available just for you as you generate ideas for your business and need that extra pair of eyes and ears, you can grab my services hourly, monthly, or a project at a time. Look around, gather your questions, and then let’s talk. Let’s discover the tactics you can use to sell your books and build up your business.




What People Are Saying

“Highly Recommended!”
“Patricia’s knowledge and professionalism made working with her an easy, successful process. She helped push each manuscript to that next level I needed! I’d definitely recommend her to anyone that needs that final polish before publishing.”

Carlyn Jones


“Ease the Book Writing Struggles!”
You are a genius, Patricia Ogilvie. All your help and great suggestions have been of great help to me. God bless you Patricia.  I honestly wished I contacted you before now. You are a Star! I couldn’t have completed this project without you. Your expertise is very commendable and highly appreciated.  When i met you , you gave my project a total twist. I will encourage many more to work with you. As a coach and best Selling author you will surely impact the World. You are loved and well appreciated.


Professional Speaker

“Thank You for Literally Spelling it Out!”
“My second edition of I Can-Cer Vive is going to print July 2 in part because of amazing support from this gal 💝
She does an excellent job of coaching and editing … Thankyou so much Patricia Pysyk Ogilvie for your patience, passion & incredible knowledge… highly recommended!”


Terry Mudryk

Author/Essential Oils Expert

“Thank you for helping me out!”
Patricia is very professional, prompt, and thorough in her work and communication. She went the extra mile while proofreading my business website. I highly recommend her services!

Jennifer Stevens


“Feels Good Knowing It Is Well Written”
“This is the first time I’ve used Patricia as an editor, and she was fantastic. Not only that, but she completed the job in record time, and was able to help me meet my deadline. I would highly recommend her!

Kelly Woodhouse Falardeau

Professional Inspirational Speaker


Gratitude is Life’s Staple Ingredient

My biggest blessing in life, something I give thanks for every day is I'm finally more at peace with my age, face, body and loving myself. Taking the stance (attitude) of acceptance has me feeling good: I am a better human being because of this I wake up grateful I go...

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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

The Results Are In Whether you work long and hard at producing blog posts and content for your business or not, whether your work is quality rampages or not, the words have been typed (or hand-written), and the results are in. Whether that fills you with a feeling of...

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Ten Things Your Book Editor Appreciates

It was a matter of timing. All you had to do was write your story, publish it on Amazon, and become a best-seller. Right? I highly respect new writers and congratulation you for putting yourself out there. Great job! And now you know it’s a lot more effort than you...

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Bored is Beautiful Proofread & SEO Written

Bored is Beautiful!  Seriously? Let me explain.Two things you need to know:Are you aware that the low vibration of shame is the #1 reason people do not go after their dreams? Feeling guilty about how you might write poorly, deepens an unworthiness that prevents you...

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Coaching at her Best

I love this lady - this woman - a wonderful, caring person!Of course, it helps that I'm featured as a testimonial on her brand spanking new website https://pivothacks.com/    front page!The truth is, before I spoke with Heather Lloyd-Martin, I was frustrated with just...

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Top Four Must Do’s to Become Moderately Wealthy (in 20 years)

I know, I know... you want to strike gold today!  Even tomorrow will do. However, let's be reasonable... wait, let's be unreasonable! You could win the lottery, and I've hoped for this for decades.  I think I'm close, you?Or, you could decide to follow a short-...

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