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Patricia Ogilvie is AuntiSays

Need a Specialized Editor, Proofreader or Writer?

Patricia is a writer, editor, proofreader and small business content developer focused on business, predominantly finance, psychology, healthcare, education, environmental studies, and organizational behaviour.

She is the author of more than 13 books, a 4-volume series of inspirational colouring books for adults, the International bestseller How to Be the Boss of Your Own Money,  and its accompanying online course. She lives in Alberta Beach, Alberta Canada. Click Learn More and grab her help for your important content readiness.


What People Are Saying

“Ease the Book Writing Struggles!”
You are a genius, Patricia Ogilvie. All your help and great suggestions have been of great help to me. God bless you Patricia.  I honestly wished I contacted you before now. You are a Star! I couldn’t have completed this project without you. Your expertise is very commendable and highly appreciated.  When i met you , you gave my project a total twist. I will encourage many more to work with you. As a coach and best Selling author you will surely impact the World. You are loved and well appreciated.


Professional Speaker

“Thank You for Literally Spelling it Out!”
“Best editor in the world!  I couldn’t have done it without you!”


Terry Mudryk

Author/Essential Oils Expert

“Feels Good Knowing It Is Well Written”
“This is the first time I’ve used Patricia as an editor, and she was fantastic. Not only that, but she completed the job in record time, and was able to help me meet my deadline. I would highly recommend her!

Kelly Fardeau

Professional Inspirational Speaker


Your Golden Ticket to Engage and Impress Your Clients

All my best editing skills—your golden ticket— at 75% off Yep, you read that right... For the next full months of June and July 2018, I am giving my proofreading and editing skills for your White Paper Bundles (including ebooks) at 75% discount. This offer is...

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How to Be the BOSS of Your Money Online Course

Attitude is the most critical factor in determining your financial success or failure. That’s the biggest lesson I learned from my mentors and experiences over the past several decades. I wrote a book about it, shared my research and findings, and now, it’s available...

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My Best Brainiac Stuff

My best stuff, on a silver platter at 90% off. Sounds too good to be true right? For once IT IS TRUE and there is no catch either woot, woot. For the next 4 days I’m offering you the Brainiac part of me and some of my best Warrior Proofreading for one of your sales...

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Day 12 of 12 Days of 2017

We're here, we're here!  Happy New Year eve on this Day 12th and final day of the 12 Days of 2017 -  Hear me read to you about 'Receiving Mastery' from my popular book, in this 4 minute excerpt from my popular book, The Most Powerful Person on Earth. Here now is Day...

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