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I help your business attract quality customers, generate respectful leads and grow your online presence using first-class professional proofreading and editing services. As a best-selling author myself, I understand how important clean, correct copy should be to compel sales and professionalism. Let’s get your quality content out there.

Hello, I’m Patricia Ogilvie (AuntiSays)

If You Need a Specialized Editor, Proofreader or Content Writer, You Are In The Right Place!

As an author of 14 books, a 4-volume series of inspirational books for adults, the International bestseller How to Be the Boss of Your Own Money, and its accompanying online course, I know how challenging content correctness can be. My job is to help you send out quality, reputable content.

Listen, if you wrote your white paper, (is it whitepaper or white paper?) case studies, e-book or tons of pages on your website, you sure could use a fresh pair of eyes! You need to have them proofed. For as little as $0.01 a word, get proofread and publication-ready. PLUS I’ll give you an extra two weeks with me at your side with review and support. Need formatting and some line edits? Let’s talk more about this bonus service!





What People Are Saying

“Ease the Book Writing Struggles!”
You are a genius, Patricia Ogilvie. All your help and great suggestions have been of great help to me. God bless you Patricia.  I honestly wished I contacted you before now. You are a Star! I couldn’t have completed this project without you. Your expertise is very commendable and highly appreciated.  When i met you , you gave my project a total twist. I will encourage many more to work with you. As a coach and best Selling author you will surely impact the World. You are loved and well appreciated.


Professional Speaker

“Thank You for Literally Spelling it Out!”
“Best editor in the world!  I couldn’t have done it without you!”


Terry Mudryk

Author/Essential Oils Expert

“Feels Good Knowing It Is Well Written”
“This is the first time I’ve used Patricia as an editor, and she was fantastic. Not only that, but she completed the job in record time, and was able to help me meet my deadline. I would highly recommend her!

Kelly Woodhouse Falardeau

Professional Inspirational Speaker


Coaching at her Best

I love this lady - this woman - a wonderful, caring person!Of course, it helps that I'm featured as a testimonial on her brand spanking new website    front page!The truth is, before I spoke with Heather Lloyd-Martin, I was frustrated with just...

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Top Four Must Do’s to Become Moderately Wealthy (in 20 years)

I know, I know... you want to strike gold today!  Even tomorrow will do. However, let's be reasonable... wait, let's be unreasonable! You could win the lottery, and I've hoped for this for decades.  I think I'm close, you?Or, you could decide to follow a short-...

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When paths diverge

  This is the moment of truth with three paths diverging in front of you...   ONE: You can decide to do nothing, and keep spending money on machine-generated paperbacks, mass-produced messy graphics, hoping they will help you crack the code of relaxation,...

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Are You Making These Mistakes?

Kevin Hart—Straight boss move or quit too soon? So your message, your book, or your article has a glaring mistake: spelling, grammar, punctuation or the frequent misuse of homophones (words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different...

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Do You Have Nomophobia?

Do you have nomophobia – the irrational fear of being without your phone? Seriously, there is such a phobia! I didn’t think I did, but the other day I left the house, drove almost half an hour up the hi-way, and realized I didn’t have mine! I panicked.  Truly, I...

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Book Launch nets Top 10 on Amazon

I am stoked to announce that “The Fame Factors—Modern Day Business Communications to Help Close the Deal” is now available on Amazon! This is the NEW revised 2nd Edition of an award-winning little book that offered a proven plan of action for creating business...

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