What I Do

I help women who struggle with asking for what they want and who are feeling afraid that others will negate their desires. I guide by reading energy and offering skills to achieve a level of self-confidence, a strength in becoming assertive, and erase codependency. You have an opportunity to develop clarity and objectivity by setting limits, releasing pent up energy, and strive to be more independent.

My Philosophy

Oprah said, “You cannot live a brave life without disappointing some people.”

Frankly, you can’t change how other people feel, ever. You can only change how you feel about yourself, what you do and what you don’t do.

What this also means to me is that if those people who scoff, judge and get disappointed with what you do or don’t do, they don’t have your back in the first place. That’s okay. People who care for you and want to see you excel, will not be disappointed.  They are your cheerleaders. They stand by you.

They are your life supporters, even if you don’t need them all the time.

People who are disappointed have their own agenda. Their agenda is not aligned with yours, so it doesn’t matter, does it?

My Methods

Your Life is Not Working Out As You Expected?

Your Communication Lines are Clogged and People seem to Overstep your Boundaries.

You May have Co-dependency Issues?

Here’s Your Chance To Get Noticed Without Dragging Toxic Relationships Any Longer in Your Life

  • You’re ready to overcome fears related to assertiveness
  • YOU want to trust your intuition
  • Balance is missing in your life right now
  • Reclaim Your Power and Stand up for Yourself, smoothly, easily and without annoying anyone. they won’t know what hit them!

Are you ready?  Simply tell me about your situation and let’s get to the solution immediately with stress reduction and assertiveness training support.

My name is Patricia and they call me the fastest energy reader in the land, zeroing in on an issue, going to the core, and coming out the other end with you the wiser and ready for solution.

Drumm roll… your life can change in a fraction of time… all you need to know is how to take control of your life lines….

Let me know you’re ready to be coached into becoming assertive and balanced.

Let’s Talk!

My Goals

This is what I want for you:


  • To be able to comfortably set limits. Say, “No, this is not a good time to talk,” or “No, I will not be able to help today,” when you feel that another’s request or demand would be too stressful for you.
  • To get in touch with your angry feelings. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and cry instead of dealing directly with what made you angry. Discover some skills that will guide you through those times.
  • To journal. Write down your resentments on a daily basis to become more aware of them.
  • To practice speaking up for yourself. If you feel you are being treated unfairly or being taken advantage of learn how to take care of yourself during those moments.
  • To develop the self-confidence and assertive skills to be your own person, not the one others want you to be.

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