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Struggles with addiction

If you saw this latest episode of This Is Us, maybe as I did, you felt like this was one of the strongest, sharpest, and revealing episodes to date. Past glimpses at Jack’s struggles with his alcoholism shook the surprise right out of me. Gut-wrenching! He needed to...

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Worthy of Being Heard

Dan Rather, journalist, recently posted his rant on Facebook about Hilary Clinton's new book.  if you haven't seen the rant, take a peek here. What he said is what I say in my new book,  How To Keep the Ground from Shaking in it's glorious entirety about demanding to...

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What Does ‘Best Seller’ Feel Like?

Once upon a time a little girl from the farm used to sneak into her mama's books and read as fast and often as she could. She dreamed one day of having her name beside the BY on that cover. And that one day came. Today I launched a new book, How to Keep the Ground...

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Wishes is a Best Seller

What does a best seller look like?? ME! Today marks an auspicious occasion Sept 4 2016 today I am a best selling author! The pièce de résistance is that in one day on Amazon Kindle Direct, my e-book Wishes climbed to 35 and 72 respectively in 2 categories Amazon US...

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