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Wishes is a Best Seller

What does a best seller look like?? ME! Today marks an auspicious occasion Sept 4 2016 today I am a best selling author! The pièce de résistance is that in one day on Amazon Kindle Direct, my e-book Wishes climbed to 35 and 72 respectively in 2 categories Amazon US...

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Why I Love Golf

  So many people have asked why I keep going out onto the golf course, week after week in the ladies league in my little hometown.  It is great question, and there is always a story behind the experience. Take my latest Tuesday morning for example. The fairway...

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secret weapon to self worth

The Please God Series of coloring books for adults (and teens)…. … your secret weapon to self worth. Coloring was once for children. Not any more. It has zen qualities and spawns creativity and calm in busy minds. In 10 minutes a day for self preservation, read, then...

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Stress today is inhuman

The level of stress we are under today is inhuman. It’s like carrying 2 to 3 peoples’ loads on our backs, in our brains, and on our hearts. So how can you maintain your center, your ease, your joy? FIRST take a moment at a time and begin to retrain your brain to calm...

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