Control Your Anxiety

Find Parity, Purpose And Grace

Get your mind and heart soothed, reprogram your worry habits in a little as

10 minutes a day with just a colored pencil and a Please God series book.


Worry Less. Live Wiser.Need Support? Work with Me


Coloring was once for children. Not any more. It has zen qualities and spawns creativity in quiet minds.

In 10 minutes a day for self preservation, read, then color a powerful inspiration and the corresponding image to gain a sense of self worth – a reminder you matter on a daily basis.

Zen like coloring give you mental ease and ongoing calm results you want to tackle the day ahead with confidence.



Change Your Life

When we allow ourselves to stay stuck in our frustrating current job or relationship, it could be because we think “they” will take care of us. Yet, why don’t we feel good about it? Because your source is within – and sometimes it’s a challenge to look inside at the why’s and how’s.

You are so tired of being bossed around, pushed over, denied what you deserve and want.

Yet, asking for even the simplest desire puts pressure in your head, a racing heart and worse, a dry mouth you can’t even utter the words, “What the hell – here I am!”

One-on-one Assertiveness Coaching – Assertiveness: How to ask to for what you need, not only for what you want.

You could find out what hinders your journey forward in 45 minutes. . .


you&me call to action

1 Full Year Gold: A Perfect Life

It was the first day of spring in chilly Northern Alberta, the kind of day we expect, sunny, temperatures rising, and pussy willows budding. I was looking at winter in the rear view mirror.

I had just finished a glorious coaching call and was about to make myself a humongous salad for lunch when the phone rang.

“I was about to leave a message. What the hell are you doing home. All the time?” my close girl friend asked, sounding not really that surprised.

“And yet you guys go camping, travelling, have money galore, and you’re at home? No kids, no pets, no responsibility except yourselves? How do you do it? Just what do you do?”

That’s when I knew I was living my “Perfect Life!”

Here’s how you can have it too . . . in just 12 months (or less) . . .

Platinum Self-Reliance

Do you ever wonder how some people have everything they want? Some people seem to be so lucky? Everything comes to them?

Did you think this happens automatically?

No. . .

People who are successful and happy are assertive. They ask for what they want; most of the time, they get it.

How about you? Ready to develop self-reliance that will knock their and your socks off!?  In just 6 months. . .

What People Are Saying

“Lighthouse Vision!”
“I don’t think I have told you that you are my lighthouse….helping me find my way back each time I wander and I appreciate all the positive energy and wisdom you always radiate my way. Thank you for being there for me! When I am having an off day and need to get re-energized, re-focused, re-ignited….you are the beacon that lights my solutions!”


President/CEO & Life/Success Coach

“Coach To The Entrepreneur!”
“What comes to mind for me is the clearing you did for me. And the awareness you brought me. WOW…Something I had said out loud repeatedly was what was holding me back and I didn’t even know it. Yet you picked up on it immediately. So that story I told myself for years is now a closed book thanks to you! ”



“Even From The Other End of the World!”
“Patricia was so insightful when I had a session with her the other day. Not only did she give tough love and told me some truths about how I was handling a situation, she did so in a warm and compassionate way… AND she predicted the outcome of what I was worrying about with amazing accuracy. PLUS I was given further support after the session. All this whilst I was in my office in Australia and she was in her home town in Canada. Perfect and amaaaazing!”

Margaret Saunders

Harmonizing Energy Coach


secret weapon to self worth

The Please God Series of coloring books for adults (and teens)…. … your secret weapon to self worth. Coloring was once for children. Not any more. It has zen qualities and spawns creativity and calm in busy minds. In 10 minutes a day for self preservation, read, then...

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Stress today is inhuman

The level of stress we are under today is inhuman. It’s like carrying 2 to 3 peoples’ loads on our backs, in our brains, and on our hearts. So how can you maintain your center, your ease, your joy? FIRST take a moment at a time and begin to retrain your brain to calm...

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Absolutely FREE Reading and Support Call this Week Only!

Week of May 8 – 13 Only – Free Energy Readings and Calming Support Calls The evacuee’s out of Northern Alberta (primarily Ft McMurray) are experiencing a life experience no one wishes for. Numb, confused, overwhelmed. Anxiety will take its toll in...

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Mars the god of War

  Hey how are you?   Happy March!   March is the third month of the year, which has 31 days, and is named after Mars, the Roman god of war.   In the spirit of the Mars, the god of war, I’m gifting you some of my time to wage war on some life issues...

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Why do we Think We Need Others so Much?

Codependency It’s a natural and at times damaging action in relationships. 1. Go slowly when entering a new relationship. Investigate. Be objective. Don’t fall for the tight ass or dark curly hair.  Ask more. 2. Avoid needy or unavailable people. they will...

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Practical Suggestions to Build Self-Esteem

Why is self-esteem such an elusive bugger? Sometimes we feel good, but sometimes we fail ourselves especially in the presence of others. Here are six suggestions to rebuild your self-esteem: Engage in activities that give you satisfaction but that do not involve being...

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