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Millions of people trudge off to work each and every day, wishing they were anywhere else, and hoping one day to find what really inspires them. If that’s you, then rest assured, you are not alone.


There are also as many who don’t work and pray they get their hands in the economic pie.


So what do both have in common?


Do you have either of these situations right now?


Dollar to donuts it’s because you lost your passion!


Am I right?


But know this: There is still time to discover your passion and start doing the work you love.


  • Maybe you are working long hours,
  • fit their needs into your schedule,
  • lose sleep and then, BAM!


The client bashes your work in front of everyone else and you can’t breathe for the blinking of your eyes in disbelieved horror.


What’s more, your heart hurts at the insensitivity of it all.


  • Would you like to work only with clients you like and who like you?


  • Would you like respect from all sides?


  • You can. How?


Simple. There are 4 steps in a better marketing approach that puts them and you in a perspective that will surprise the boots off your feet!


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Let’s find out what makes you tick and why customers either love or hate you!

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Patricia Ogilvie 2016
Once upon a time, I taught high school and adults how to write engaging content. The experience was fantastic…, exhausting…, and fantastic!

Then I woke up from the school marm dream and realized there was this odd profession I had never heard before – copywriter.

Intrigued, I dove into the deep end of the profession for over a dozen years.

Once again this middle aged western Canadian woman woke up and decided to write her own books, stop being who everyone else wanted her to be, and developed a couple courses instead of always nice stuff for somebody else.

My latest published projects are 2 of a series of adult coloring books specific to the woman in financial flux, who feels she’s losing her marbles and who needs to love herself more niche.

— And my customers loved them!

So the next thought was to offer the strategy of attraction marketing to my personal realm of speakers, trainers and facilitators.

It took me 2 decades to figure out why these books sold better than all the previous 6.

And I want to share the secret with you.

My name is Patricia Ogilvie who is also AuntiSays.




If you aren’t using your own modern popular versions of marketing yourself, you need to start here.  And it’s FREE!

Grab an example of a coloring book of mandala’s. Print them out. hand them out to your customers.

Then consider what makes you tick? Why would clients come to you?

Find out here…